Notice on unauthorised use of KNB’s identity.

Notice on unauthorised use of KNB’s identity.

Dear Valued Employees and members of the public,

Notice on an unauthorised use of KNB’s identity.

It has come to our attention that an advertisement in Jawatan Malaysia Terkini website is using Kontena Nasional Berhad (KNB)’s identity online in order to advertise job openings WITHOUT KNB’s authorisation nor permission for the recruitment of drivers.

KNB would like to notify that we are not recruiting any drivers and KNB is not in any manner associated with the website.

KNB would like to clarify and notify all our employees and members of the public that we have not given any authorisation or permission for this advertisement nor is KNB associated in any way shape of form with the website or doing any such recruitment exercise at this moment. Therefore we will not be made liable for any damages or incidents in connection thereto.

KNB also views this act of invasion very seriously and will not hesitate to enforce our legal rights be it under invasion of privacy, violation of right of publicity, and/or defamation.

We urge the public to be careful with information received online and to conduct due diligence and fact checking to avoid any unwanted incidents from happening.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter..

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