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Meeting the Global Demands for Halal Logistics

As a progressive Muslim country with consistent economic development and growth rate as well as political and social stability, Malaysia is the leader in the world’s halal industry. Kontena Nasional being the first to venture into Halal Logistics has helped strengthen Malaysia’s position as the nucleus of the global halal industry.

Halal’s Preferred Partner

Realising the vast economic potential of the Halal industry, Kontena Nasional has sought to become the preferred partner for the application of Halal’s certification. 


Our halal journey begins with providing end-to-end support for food manufacturing industries while earning strong support and recognition throughout the decades.


Today, our Halal service offerings have extended into warehousing and distribution, freight consolidation, cross border and multi-modal freight forwarding, customs management services and consultation on Halal logistics management.


We were awarded the “Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Award for Halal Logistics Service Provider of the Year” among other accolades achieved in this sector.

Our Halal

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Cold Chain Logistics

Keeping it Fresh is Our Expertise

The need to safeguard end-consumers health and safety starts with well managed perishable products at our warehouses and storage facilities. This includes managing the temperature to maintain its quality and safety from the point of origin through the distribution chain to the final consumer.


We adopted the latest technology in the refrigeration process that factored stringent safety measures through the entire product management process. Besides, our optimised supply chain management, storage solutions and operational transparency can help you enter into a new market with more predictable costs.

Benefits from our
Integrated Cold Chain