Warehouse & Yard

Ace of Spaces Infrastructure

Kontena Nasional’s Distribution Centres also known as KNDC, are strategically located at all key entry and exit points in Malaysia. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, backed by a robust warehouse management system (WMS) whose main function is to monitor and upkeep the quality of goods. We also provide value-added 1-to-1 solutioning services for all of our preferred partners in customising their warehouse with specific requirements.

KNDC Facilities and Locations

All our KNDC locations provide complete coverage services for Haulage, Freight Forwarding and Open Yard Depot. The coverage perimeter sums to a total of 4.7 million sq. ft. of storage spaces, with 1 million sq. ft. of covered warehouse spaces. 


Meanwhile, our KNDC also provides additional facilities services particularly for these distinguished locations:

Discover What’s Inside KNDC

Inside KNDC, our services are limitless, we provide storage for bonded and non-bonded cargo, cross-dock validation, ambient and temperature control zones marking. We also cater for permanent, regional hub, overflow, seasonal or any ad-hoc requirements. 


Selective racking and double deep are also made possible, and it’s managed by our robust real-time inventory management. Our warehouse services also cater for any rare instances but not limited to containerised, refrigerated and hazardous materials. 


We prefer quality first over quantities, and thus we align our modus operandi along with global standards. This covers the key services areas; the process of receiving, storing and shipping, consolidations and de-consolidation, packing, pick & pack, inland freighting, tracking & reporting, and last but not least, production of labels and forms.